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Preferred Property Management was founded over 10 years ago with the intent of becoming a provider of world-class service in the property management business. Our innovative business model integrates the customer service and management disciplines of the institutional property management industry at a local level. This unique approach and our commitment to hiring the very best professionals have resulted in strong business growth and our long-lasting tenure in the area, making us one of the most respected and trusted local property management companies.

Our team looks after your property as if it is our own. We look forward to helping you maintain your property, as it is a smart investment.

Property Management Services:
8% Monthly Management Fee

Procurement Fees:
For new tenants, the fee is 75% of the first month’s rent, renewal fee is 25% of the monthly rent $35 Annual inspection/survey (2 months prior to move out).

We Will:

  • Collect all rents and other charges according to the lease.
  • Make mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, or other obligations - $200 yearly.
  • Received and respond to all repair or complaint calls.
  • Inspect or follow-up on any repairs or construction.
  • Inspect property as Manager feels necessary.
  • Conduct initial move-in inspection and move-out inspection.
  • Terminate tenancies, and serve legal eviction notices.
  • Appear in court for any necessary eviction process - Fee varies - $100
  • File garnishment to collect $150 – 10% of amount collected.
  • Remit directly to Owner or to deposit in his/her account monthly rents.
  • Provide annual statement of receipts and disbursements for tax purposes.

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